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"We stock it so you don’t have to "

CUI is committed to providing dealers and distributors products quickly. We maintain the largest inventory of ready-to-ship products in the industry—with $22 million in inventory to start the peak heating season, and a minimum of $12 million inventory at the end of the season.

We’re ready to ship to you whenever your need arises. We process over 600 phone calls per day, and ship orders in the system by 1 p.m. Eastern the same day.

We deliver with super speed by keeping inventory in five strategic locations. Learn more.

The CUI Story

CUI started in 1978 as Cans Unlimited, Inc. Our story explains how our name came to be and how we became the company we are today.

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Our Customer Service Team

We’re committed to providing excellent customer service to our customers, especially at the height of the busy heating season. Our team answers more than 95% of incoming calls live, and live technical support is available 6 days a week during the critical heating season.

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